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At the rising of each new sun, I thank God for a new day, a day I have never seen nor experienced. With that new day comes new opportunity, a chance to do better and be better. Advance myself while advancing others. I plan my work and work my plan. This is Program Success.

We Must Change. Now that we for the first time in history, have elected a Black to the highest office of the land, this is not an end – only an new beginning. It is hope for a better tomorrow and to achieve it we must be a better people, and to that end, we must be better individuals.

As a society we are experiencing many problems. Among them our children are chief. Our children and not graduating from High School. Our children are apathetic, offensive, and disrespect authority. Our children are our future and when our future is in jeopardy so is our relevance as a people. We must change.

In order for us to make it today, we need the best of our people giving their best. We need the best of our people as our leaders and the best of our people as our teachers. This is Program Success.

We need leaders that ascribe to excellence – not mediocrity. We need teachers willing to enhance our abilities to advance us to a higher level of achievement. This is Program Success.

We are Mountain Climbers who believe in assisting other Mountain Climbers to the top by extending a support line uniquely designed to develop business principles and practices toward success. Together we point out and eliminate barriers, pit falls, and obstacles that conceals and inhibit that allusive path to success… because failure is not an option. This is Program Success.

• PS: Wake up early and work late.
• PS: Turn off the television set.
• PS: Talk to people you don’t want to talk to.
• PS: Have patience.
• PS: Establishing untraditional allies.
• PS: Find a Role Model
• PS: Find a youth to Mentor
• PS: Volunteer at a school
• PS: Give financial support to a needy family weekly

PS is Program Success
We are Program Success
The Name Says It All!

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